Diversity in hackathons: #HackTheGap – A Hackathon for women and non-binary people

ASK-A-WOMAN.COM takes part at the #HackTheGap-Hackathon for women and non-binary people. We use technology to address the challenges we are facing during this current health crisis.

At Hack the Gap, we want to continue to serve where we can. As we are social distancing, we use the hackathon-space and opportunity to build solutions like trackyourbed.com.
In addition, we take advantage of partnering with organizations and government agencies to understand the various needs we are facing during this pandemic.

In place of the usual in-person hackathon, we take part at the this virtual hackathon to co-create technology solutions and to address the challenges and opportunities in communities.

Hack the Gap is aimed at creating a high-energy experience where women and non-binary people from all backgrounds and experience levels can enjoy an accessible, approachable, positive experience.


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